Namal Novel BY Nimra Ahmed PDF Download Complete

Namal Novel BY Nimra Ahmed

Namal Novel BY Nimra Ahmed PDF Download Complete

Namal by Nimra Ahmad Complete Novel All 30 Episodes Online Read and Download in PDF Serialized Monthly Women’s Digest, Hard Cover Book Format Published by Ilam Wa Irfan Publishers, Lahore and Kitab Ghar for Online Read. A Nimal novel plot is a complex matrix and summarizing it may do it an injustice. Nimal’s plot has all this and more beautifully crafted and exceptionally well told in a single story.

This is an intense story involving brutal murders and hideous deceptions. Faris Ghazi (an intelligence officer) has been convicted of the murder of his half-brother and wife and the attempted murder of his relative Zameer Yusuf. His nephew Sadi Yusuf was convinced of his innocence and eventually got him out of jail. On the other hand, Sadie’s aunt Zomer, who also happens to be a district attorney, lost a kidney in the attack and believes that Faris is to blame, mostly because of a fake telephone call made by Faris’ voice to Zomer before the attack. From.

Namal Novel PDF Download

The real culprit is Hashem Kardar (Faris’s first cousin) who, apart from being a skilled lawyer, owns an inherited oil cartel. Hashim kills Faris’ brother Waris to cover up his corruption cases and to cover his tracks, he sets up a scene in which Zamar is shot and Faris’s wife is killed. Saadi’s younger sister Haneen is a super genius. Conspiracies and the misunderstandings that arise from them form a central theme of the novel.

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The cunning lawyer Hashem and his mother Jewels’ devil distorts reality in such a way that even people like Zimar believe in this alternate reality and misunderstandings arise. All the characters in the novel are good, the intelligent/bad-mannered Hunain, the sweet and caring Saadi, the brutal but honest Faris Ghazi, the sharp but stubborn Zimar, the cunning Hashim or the jealous Noshirwan, each character is carefully carved and There is depth. in this. Every major character of Nimal is not presented in complete black or white but in shades of gray and every character is given equal exposure.

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Additional Information:

Name: Namal Novel
Author: Nimra Ahmed
Category: Romantic Urdu Novels
Status: Complete

About Writer: (Nimra Ahmed)

Nimra Ahmed is a very popular author, known for her brilliant books which are often published in episodic form. Her books have garnered much attention and critical acclaim, with many readers praising her work for its extraordinary storytelling and engaging characters. Some of his notable books include [Jannat Ke Pattay].

She has established herself as a leading figure in Urdu literature and holds a high position among other Urdu fiction writers. Her work is not only entertaining but also serves the purpose of educating the society about moral values. Through her stories, Nimra Ahmed tackles important social issues, inspiring her readers to reflect on their lives and make positive changes within themselves and their communities.

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